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About Nicole

I thrive on seeing my clients' succeed... not just because it makes me look good ;)

Long ago, I joined the broadcast advertising world of radio and television to pursue my dreams.  It was fun at first and my clients were experiencing terrific results.  I always loved creative boundary pushing and guerilla marketing!  I even got a chance to be on-air for a bit  (which was my ultimate goal from the time I was little) but I quickly understood sales was my niche.


Unfortunately, greedy large corporates started to take over those (any many other) advertising outlets.  I found the mega results just weren't there anymore.  Exceptional clients with average advertising budgets were excluded more and more by high prices and ever decreasing added value.  I didn't even believe myself anymore; what I was selling was not what my clients were truly receiving.  

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I redirected my love for helping small businesses and start-ups by freelance marketing and doing various other sales, eventually inspiring me to create BROADCAST Your Business Online. ​

Despite my broadcast advertising roots, I have witnessed the power of a strong, effective online presence.  I want to help local businesses and new start-ups get plugged in and I know there is an endless sea of possibilities and marketing junkies who can't wait to spend your marketing budget.  It can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming.


First thing's first... I meet with you, take a look at what you currently have in place and make suggestions, including your on-boarding process for customers, sales tools (if you have sales people), your branding (such as your logo, business cards, identity pieces, signage, offline advertising... the whole package).  It all should work together!   

My philosophy is to help people as much as I can.  Eventually it comes back around and who knows... maybe you will refer a friend :)  

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On a personal note, I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  I've been in Wilmington about 20 years now and serve mostly Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area (though I do have family in the Raleigh area and also Florida, where I have the ability to work as well).

In my "me time" I like to hit the beach (it's my happy place) with my Main Squeeze, Easy E, who's an 18ish-year old Silky Terrier I recued about 14 years ago.  My #1 is Jesus, #2 my fabulous baby girl (who's heading to college soon - LORD HELP ME)  and my fur baby, Enrique :)

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