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 Model Client 

HD Med Group


Medical Services Advisor

Their Challenge

Needing a more efficient method to present their solutions to busy physicians, HD Med Group and I put together a Presentation Blueprint and emailed heavily to prospective medical doctors.  Additionally, a strategically planned standard operating procedure for follow-ups and consultations, weeded out unqualified practices using a free Practice Analysis model.  This enabled HD Med Group to maximize their resources, focusing only on the prospects able to significantly benefit from their programs. 

Using this fertile marketing plan, HD Med Group was able to present their services to busy doctors and surgeons all over the U.S. without geographical or time constraints (often experienced in medical sales cold calling).

This new efficient prequalification system ensured HD Med Group representatives only occupied their time with physicians who indicated their interest in advance.  No need to fly into town, drive around for days, getting past the front office gatekeepers or purchasing expensive lunches for the entire staff ... only to have cancellations or two minutes with the actual decision-makers.  Presentations could now be conducted via zoom, sales closed entirely remotely and signed digital contracts received in a timely fashion.

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Eric Foster_edited_edited.jpg

Eric Foster
HD Med Group Co-Founder

   Package Includes:

1-Page Online Customized Blueprint.  Great choice for Physicians!  (2-Page Opt-In for Authentication also available).

Your Own Presentation Style Video 

Prospect Intake form, tailored to suit your individual needs and sales process.

Customized app experience to receive and reply to notifications on-the-go, every time a potential client submits an interest form via your Blueprint page.

Training and support in using your new toys!

About The HD Med Group's Experience

Nicole was a lot of fun to work with and definitely put her heart and soul into our project.

There was 100% effort and collaboration.  She even attended client meetings and engaged with our prospects to fully see our process to make significant contributions to our new client engagement protocol.  We were dependent on Nicole's fulfillment; she produced and delivered every single time.  We found her to be an excellent asset, going way above and beyond our expectations!

Eric Foster, HD Med Group Co-Founder



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